Helping you and your dog grow together.

Safe and effective methods to have a better relationship.

we speak doggish.

Jill Haley Rose has over 15 years experience in dog training and behavioral consulting.

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Behavioral consulting

We can help you understand the behavioral problems your
dog may be experiencing and teach you the skill sets to resolve them.

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upcoming workshop
Dogs & Toddlers workshop

As babies hit their developmental milestones, the family dynamics within the home will begin to change and may impact the family dog. In this workshop we offer positive, practical, and fun solutions to address the challenges that arise.

Next 1 1/2-Hour Workshop:
April 28th at 2:00pm
Meet Teddy & Finnegan

"Jill is a consummate professional and a wonderful, wise, and compassionate human being. Her expertise and practical and clear problem solving approach has defused many a situation in my household of three dogs, each of different ages and needs. Jill is my go to person for all things dog, yet she is never rigid or didactic."

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New Puppy Training

Puppies can be tough! Let us help you get started with your new puppy on the right track. This package covers: Socialization Training, Body Handling Training, Housetraining, Chew Toy Training, Mouthing, Relinquishing objects, Some basic skills such as sit, down, come, & more.

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Helping you and your dog grow together.

Because no two dogs are exactly alike, our in-home training is tailored to your individual situation. Using your home environment, we can help you develop handling skills and communication skills that work with your dog and resolve problems. We have over fifteen years of experience working with thousands of dogs of all breeds, sizes, and backgrounds. Whether you need help with basic manners or are struggling with something more serious such as aggression, we can build a training package that works with your schedule and individual family situation.

We offer:

All of our methods are user friendly and safe. We absolutely do not use methods involving fear, pain, or intimidation.

Our training can show you how and why your dog learns and behaves. Dealing with your dog’s behavior can be challenging. We provide an understanding of dog behavior that will enable you to continue a positive working relationship with your dog for life.

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