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Madi and the Family Coaching Package

"Madi was seven years old when we adopted her. It was a difficult transition for her and she had some challenging behaviors that we didn’t know how to handle.

We were given a referral to Paws of Nature and subsequently signed up for the Family Coaching Package. Jill has been a game changer. Her explanations, instructions, and hand-outs are thorough, well thought out, and easy to follow. Madi now listens to our commands and we are confident that we can handle any situation. Best of all, Madi is a calmer and happier dog! "

Bruce and Jody Dewey
Westfield, MA

Wally West Highland White TerrierWally

Jill Haley Rose is not the first dog trainer we have tried but she is certainly the best.  She brought a combination of skills, knowledge, and attitude to helping us with our dog that was impressive and effective, to say the least.  Our dog had a very rough beginning in a puppy mill.  He had fears and anxieties that plagued him for his entire life and created difficulties with his behavior, especially involving visitors and any situation that was not in our house under normal circumstances.

Jill looks at each dog as an individual and each owner’s home as a specific situation.  There is no generalizing or trying to apply one method to all situations, but rather the flexibility needed to make the best decisions.  She assesses a family’s lifestyle and proceeds accordingly.  She is exceptionally well-organized, taking notes and following each session with a report to confirm exercises, the course of action, and what should be emphasized.  All of this is discussed in the training session but it is also helpful to see it reinforced in writing.  She gives very clear instructions and provides handouts with detailed descriptions of the exercises that are learned in the session.  She also responds promptly to emails that we sent between sessions requesting clarification or followup to be sure we were on the right track.  

We were exceptionally pleased with Jill’s philosophy of dog training, her knowledge, and her approach to our problem.  We recommend her to anyone who needs help, regardless of how fearful, neurotic, or challenged their pet is.  Your dog will find a kind and sympathetic friend in Jill.

Noryn Resnick and David Sloviter
Amherst, MA

Rocket and the Day Training Package

"From the moment I met Jill I knew I had someone to trust training my precious Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Rocket. She immediately impressed me with her knowledge, credentials, and her loving way with Rocket. After her very first Day Training session with Rocket I saw that he was different; more willing to listen to me and take direction and a bit more calm. Over the past month I have seen tremendous changes in my puppy, who is now six months old. He happily obeys commands, is completely “potty trained” and is simply a pleasure to be around. Jill trained me as well as Rocket. Now Rocket and I work together as a team! "

Christine Peaslee
Granby, CT

Brady Brady 

We first contacted Jill for a behavior consultation due to some behavioral issues we were experiencing with our 1 year old chocolate lab mix, Brady. During the initial consultation Jill gave us some great ideas that we were able to implement into Brady's routine right away that would help with his high energy and reactivity. We decided to sign up for 5 training sessions with Jill and throughout the 2 months we worked with her she always went above and beyond, accommodating our work schedules and meeting with us at night and on the weekends. After observing Brady during our first few meetings Jill told us that based on her experience, he would be a good candidate for behavioral medication. She worked closely with our vet and even spoke with her own vet about Brady's situation. We believe that the medication along with the training has been very helpful. We know that we still have challenges to overcome but believe that Jill has been instrumental in helping us and we'll continue to consult her as needed. 

Danielle & Andrew Bachini
Holyoke, MA


Thank you so much for all you’ve done for Kelso and our family. While you have taught him many things, you have taught us even more. You helped us bring him from a very shy and timid pup (that we could barely get out the front door), to a much more confident dog that loves to go on walks and socialize with others. You have been absolutely wonderful and very much appreciated. 

Mindy and Ryan Goulet
West Springfield, MA


Cosmo and the Puppy Starter Package

"I have had the pleasure of two dog companions in my life. Winston Alexander my first dog lived thirteen years. A very bright sweet wonderful dog taken from the Springfield Dog Pound as a pup. I did not understand how important or scientific dog behavior training modification was and so Winston became the best dog he could be without benefit of the services of Paws of Nature's puppy program. Lucky for me, I found Paws of Nature and signed up for the Puppy Package with my new pup, Cosmo Anthony. Cosmo is now five months old. He was housebroken at 2 months; he is friendly, well-behaved and a pleasure to be with. He behaves appropriately given his age on the leash; he comes when called and follows instructions. I am amazed at the progress and the accomplishments of my little puppy. Jill's instructions were clear, concise, and easy to follow. I was rewarded with the expected response from my pup. Although I understand that training/manners are a work in progress, just as they are in humans, I had no idea that so much could be accomplished in a short period of time. Jill is brilliant and it was Jill's expertise that made this happen. I would say to anyone with a Puppy, JUST DO IT… SIGN UP FOR THE PUPPY PACKAGE. WORTH EVERY PENNY. MONEY WELL SPENT."

Eileen Cohen
West Springfield, MA

Remy – Welcoming a new baby

"We hired Jill Haley Rose to help us train and prepare our Jack Russell Terrier “Remy” for the arrival of our first child. Being a very anxious and nervous Jack Russell Terrier, Remy had numerous behavioral problems. Having tried many different herbal supplements and training techniques without any progress, our vet suggested we try working with Jill. Working closely together over the span of about 3 months, Jill and our veterinarian created a program that resolved the majority of Remy’s behavioral problems and successfully prepared him for the arrival of our new baby.

Had we not had the opportunity to work with Jill before the baby was born, Remy’s anxiety problems would have been very difficult for our entire family to handle. Because we followed Jill’s detailed checklist on preparing dogs for babies, Remy made the adjustment beautifully. With Jill’s assistance and advice, we put Remy through a variety of baby related training sessions. By the time the baby arrived, we as a family felt comfortable and well prepared for Remy’s first baby encounter. Thanks to our hard work under Jill’s careful guidance, Remy is great with the baby and has made a wonderful adjustment."

Jessica and Jeremy Lavallee
Northampton, Massachusetts

Ox & Tuff – Day Training program graduates

"Our experience with the Day Training program was fantastic. We felt very comfortable with Jill coming to our house while we were at work. More so, the dogs received one on one attention. Jill spent 1 hour, 4 times a week working on our dogs’ behaviors that needed adjustments. She was able to build a bond and trust in the dogs. Once a week, she would meet with us and go over the new topics. It was a very easy transition. Jill had already instilled enough knowledge in the dogs. By training the dogs this way, we didn’t feel the frustration we might have felt had we attempted to take it on by ourselves. We were both sad to see the program come to an end… it was a pleasure having her come into our family and the dogs loved all the attention she gave them."

Chris and Erin Devanney
West Suffield, CT

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