We can help you understand the behavioral problems your dog or cat may be experiencing and teach you the skill sets to resolve them.

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We have over 20 years experience in dog training and behavioral consulting.

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Cat Behavior Services

Helping you create a happy and successful outcome for the whole family.

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Dogs and Toddlers workshop
Safe At Home Package

Does your dog bark, cry, or howl frequently when left home alone? Do you find destruction around your doors and windows and other areas of your home? We know how difficult separation anxiety can be for not only the dogs who are affected, but their families who care about them as well. We CAN help you help your dog learn to feel safe when alone!

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Dogs & Toddlers workshop
Puppy Starter package

Let us help you get started with your new puppy on the right track! This package covers: Socialization Training, Body Handling Training, House training, Chew Toy Training, Mouthing, Relinquishing objects, Some basic skills such as sit, down, come, leash walking, & more!

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Cat Behavior Services

Adopting a new kitten or older cat? We can help you with litter box issues, aggression, fearful behaviors, and more! Let’s work together with your cat to resolve these puzzling behaviors and create a happy and successful outcome for the whole family.

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Helping you and your pet grow together.

All of our methods are user friendly and safe. We absolutely do not use methods involving fear, pain, or intimidation.

Dog Training & Behavior Services

Because no two dogs are exactly alike, our in-home training is tailored to your individual situation. We can help you develop handling skills and communication skills that work with your dog and resolve problems. We have over twenty years of experience working with thousands of dogs of all breeds, sizes, and backgrounds. Whether you need help with basic manners or are struggling with something more serious such as aggression, we can build a training package that works with your schedule and individual family situation.

Our training can show you how and why your dog learns and behaves. Dealing with your dog’s behavior can be challenging. We provide an understanding of dog behavior that will enable you to continue a positive working relationship with your dog for life.

Cat Behavior Services:

From litter box issues, to aggression or fearful behaviors, our cat behavior specialists have over ten years experience working with cats in our community, specializing with the needs of adopted shelter and rescue cats. We can help you help your cat blossom into a happy and contented feline family member and get those problem behaviors resolved. New adopted cat or kitten joining your family? We are the experts in making that transition be stress free and successful for all the human, feline, and canine family members.

Our training can show you how and why your cat learns and behaves. Dealing with your cat’s behavior can sometimes be challenging. We provide an understanding of your cats behavior, using positive methods to bring harmony for both the human and feline family members.

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