Labradoodle + Bernedoodle
Obi & Guinness

Obi & Guinness

We lost our older labradoodle in the middle of the pandemic, and Obi, our 7 year old labradoodle, quickly developed a new onset of anxiety and excessive barking. We adopted Guinness, a bernedoodle puppy, soon after. Guinness quickly grew into a 110 lb teenager, and we returned to in person work full time. Our pandemic puppy developed separation anxiety and reactivity; when Obi barked, Guinness barked. Guinness used his size to get what he wanted – jumping, nipping, tunneling between our legs and literally lifting us off our feet. We worried about the safety of guests in our house. Walking two large dogs became a chore; the dogs were walking us. Enter Jill and Damiana. We signed up for the Double Dog Day Training package that included training for our dogs midweek and for my husband and I on the weekends. We noticed progress in our first week of training and have continued to consistently build on that progress. Jill and Damiana are great diagnosticians; they were able to analyze our dogs’ individual needs and engage them in the training process. My husband and I now have a strategy and a toolkit to manage a host of challenging situations. Jill and Damiana are so thoughtful, kind and patient with our dogs (and also with us). We are forever grateful!

Alicia Johnston
Longmeadow, MA



Thank you for sending Damiana Gonzalez to work with our family!!!  I honestly do not know where we would be without her... probably living with a lot of fear, tension, and anxiety about what our dog, Daisy (now 10 months old), might do.

While a "well-rounded" and happy dog is definitely the most obvious training outcome, the biggest result of our work together has been how the humans in the house better understand the needs, vocalizations, body language, and developmental stages of our newest family member. We have learned how to focus on her communication, moods, and feelings and now know how to help her spend or re-direct her energy and calm herself, before any problematic behavior might take place.

Damiana has been terrific – answering all of our questions, including the entire family in training, providing written handouts we can refer back to,  and breaking down the body mechanics of things like treating while walking and polite greetings, etc.  She even helped us by foreshadowing Daisy's current regression into an anxious/timid place, so that when we saw it, we were not alarmed or discouraged and are handling it in stride.

As the person legally responsible for Daisy and her actions, I am beyond grateful for the understanding and peace of mind we have all gained from our work with Damiana and Paws of Nature.  I'll be calling back if/when we need you again, and positively referring to you anyone and everyone who asks.

With tremendous gratitude,

Kristen Mello
Westfield, MA

White and brown pit bull mix


“We contacted Jill because our newly adopted dog, Gladys, was showing some aggression towards our college aged son, Riley. Whenever he would come home on college break it was extremely tense and everyone was on edge. Jill recommended her Leadership program as well as her Visitors in the Home program to help Gladys behave appropriately when strangers visited our home. We set boundaries for her and worked hard at keeping her mentally and physically exhausted. We are so happy with the results of Jill‘s program! Gladys and Riley were able to peacefully coexist for the three months that he was home, and all of her past aggressive behavior towards him has disappeared! Hiring Jill to help us was the best thing we could have ever done for Gladys and for our family! We would highly recommend Jill and her team to help anyone who is having difficulties with dog training or behavioral issues."

Jenn & Scot Meara
East Longmeadow, MA

Long hair cat showing belly


Ashley is amazing! I hired Paws of Nature when I was at my wit’s end. My high-energy one-year-old cat had been stalking, pouncing on me, and biting me multiple times a day. I was afraid to sit on my own couch! Ashley was incredibly thoughtful and helpful. After watching a few videos, she quickly figured out why my cat was attacking me and helped my partner and I develop a personalized strategy to change her behavior. Her tips were easy to implement and totally worked. Six weeks after Ashley’s visit, my relationship with my cat has been completely transformed. She no longer stalks me, and even better, she also seems genuinely happier, calmer, and more confident. I never would have believed this radical of a change would be possible…I thought I was doomed to a lifetime of being bitten. If you’ve got a cat with behavioral issues, I highly recommend their service!!!

Nora Miller
Northampton, MA

Two cats sitting cozy on some blankets
Thunder and Nadia


When we adopted our second cat, Thunder, he regressed and attacked my husband, who then had to go to the ER for his injuries. We were terrified of what to do next but determined to keep Thunder in our home safely. Ashley's quick intervention, compassion, and dedicated approach helped us keep our family together. Now Thunder and my husband are inseparable, and this bonafide lap cat is learning how to be the best little brother to our other cat Nadia. Ashley has meticulously worked with both of our fur-children and guided us every step of the way. We are forever grateful to Ashley for her patience, commitment and encouragement over the past year and a half.

Pooja S
Enfield, CT

Honey - Goldendoodle


Damiana has been training Honey (our goldendoodle) since we brought her home at 8 weeks old. Not only is Dami professional and knowledgeable, she is friendly, warm and kind. Almost a year since we began working with her, we still continue to have her do weekly train and walks with Honey. She has such a gentle but firm approach with animals and I have certainly seen a difference in Honey's behavior and obedience - can't say enough good things about Paws of Nature and Damiana!

Ashley Kohl
South Hadley, MA

Brown and white beagle


"Ashley at Paws of Nature was amazing with my puppy, Bella. She started working with not only myself and my 8 week old puppy,  but she was able to Incorporate my three boys ages 4, 7, and 9 into the training process (which is no easy task). Ashley was always available for questions and more than willing to help in any way she could which was helpful for a first time puppy owner such as myself. She worked magic with my little beagle and even got her loose leash walking at a young age. If you know anything about beagles, you would know that their noses lead them and they take off! Ashley was able to work closely with me to train Miss Bella so that we could enjoy family walks and time at the park. She has an amazing personality and became like family. I would recommend her to anyone."

Liz Quinby
Feeding Hills, MA

Teddy and Finnegan. Two successful students
Teddy & Finnegan

Teddy & Finnegan

"Jill is a consummate professional and a wonderful, wise, and compassionate human being. Her expertise and practical and clear problem solving approach has defused many a situation in my household of three dogs, each of different ages and needs. Jill is my go to person for all things dog, yet she is never rigid or didactic. She works with what you can do and always helps you to build on the positives. She has shed light on many mysterious or even troublesome behaviors, and empowered me to make huge impacts with even small interventions. Jill has transformed my experience of raising two big youngsters alongside an old and frail collie. I
can't recommend Jill highly enough. Having dealt with several other trainers over my many years of having dogs, I endorse Jill as the best and brightest. Smart. Committed. Humane to a fault. None better."

Julie Fisher
Ashfield, MA

Pit bull 'Bruno' playing with his toy


We adopted our boy Bruno at 7 months old. He was such a sweet boy and a snuggle bug, but had issues with impulse control, being too mouthy, and listening to myself or my husband. We initially tried group training classes, and after 45 minutes of the first class, realized that option wasn't going to work. We were referred to Jill Haley Rose of Paws of Nature. Jill came to our home and analyzed his behavior and we immediately signed up for a 6 week program with her. It is just amazing the transformation that we have seen in our little guy. He wasn't sure about training at first, but luckily for us, Bruno is highly food motivated! Now he greets people nicely when they come into our home, comes 90% of the time when he is called (as long as there is not a squirrel around!), and has really made a connection with us. I think what we all really love about Jill from Paws of Nature is that she has a Pit Bull herself and knew exactly what we were dealing with! Plus, Bruno ABSOLUTELY LOVES JILL. Thank you so much for all of your help! We couldn't have gotten to this point without you!!!

Kristin and Mark Carlson
Feeding Hills, MA

West Highland White Terrier


Jill Haley Rose is not the first dog trainer we have tried but she is certainly the best.  She brought a combination of skills, knowledge, and attitude to helping us with our dog that was impressive and effective, to say the least.  Our dog had a very rough beginning in a puppy mill.  He had fears and anxieties that plagued him for his entire life and created difficulties with his behavior, especially involving visitors and any situation that was not in our house under normal circumstances.Jill looks at each dog as an individual and each owner’s home as a specific situation.  There is no generalizing or trying to apply one method to all situations, but rather the flexibility needed to make the best decisions.  She assesses a family’s lifestyle and proceeds accordingly.  She is exceptionally well-organized, taking notes and following each session with a report to confirm exercises, the course of action, and what should be emphasized.  All of this is discussed in the training session but it is also helpful to see it reinforced in writing.  She gives very clear instructions and provides handouts with detailed descriptions of the exercises that are learned in the session.  She also responds promptly to emails that we sent between sessions requesting clarification or followup to be sure we were on the right track.  We were exceptionally pleased with Jill’s philosophy of dog training, her knowledge, and her approach to our problem.  We recommend her to anyone who needs help, regardless of how fearful, neurotic, or challenged their pet is.  Your dog will find a kind and sympathetic friend in Jill.

Noryn Resnick and David Sloviter
Amherst, MA

Bernese Mountain Dog


"From the moment I met Jill I knew I had someone to trust training my precious Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Rocket. She immediately impressed me with her knowledge, credentials, and her loving way with Rocket. After her very first Day Training session with Rocket I saw that he was different; more willing to listen to me and take direction and a bit more calm. Over the past month I have seen tremendous changes in my puppy, who is now six months old. He happily obeys commands, is completely “potty trained” and is simply a pleasure to be around. Jill trained me as well as Rocket. Now Rocket and I work together as a team!"

Christine Peaslee
Granby, CT



Jill started helping me with my English Bulldog Chunk early on when he was a young pup. In just six sessions, she had Chunk and I on the right track. He is a wonderful dog now at 1 year of age, and I owe much of that to Jill’s training expertise. Chunk is my first dog, and Jill took the time to train me on how dogs think just as much as she helped to train Chunk. You couldn’t ask for a better trainer.

S. Jackson
Springfield, M



Thank you so much for all you’ve done for Kelso and our family. While you have taught him many things, you have taught us even more. You helped us bring him from a very shy and timid pup (that we could barely get out the front door), to a much more confident dog that loves to go on walks and socialize with others. You have been absolutely wonderful and very much appreciated. 

Mindy and Ryan Goulet
West Springfield, MA