Virtual Dog ConsultsVirtual Dog Consults
Are you outside our service area for in-home consults, have scheduling challenges, or prefer to not meet in person during the pandemic? We can help you with our Virtual On-Line Live Video Consults using your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
Virtual Dog Consults
Individual Behavioral Consulting Individual Behavioral Consulting
We will give you an overview of training starter steps, management, and other possible options based on your particular situation and needs.
Individual Behavioral Consulting
Family Coaching PackageFamily Coaching Package
Learn how to efficiently and effectively train your dog. We design a training program for you and your dog and meet with you once a week to coach you through each step.
Family Coaching Package
Day Training PackageDay Training Package
Fast becoming our most popular training service! Perfect for dog owners who don’t have the time or the ability to extensively train their dogs during the week.
Day Training Package
Safe At Home PackageSafe At Home Package
We know how difficult  separation anxiety can be for not only the dogs who are affected, but their families who care about them as well.
Safe At Home Package
Puppy Training packagePuppy Training package
We can help you get started on the right track with your new puppy. Package is designed for puppies between 8 and 14 weeks of age.
Puppy Training package
Paired Puppy Play & TrainPaired Puppy Play & Train
Our trainer will supervise and facilitate the introduction of the two puppies, who have been paired up by age, size and temperament. We will go over a variety of topics such as body language and play styles, as well as continue building on the training skills for a well behaved dog.
Paired Puppy Play & Train
Train & WalkTrain & Walk
A one-hour outing combining training and exercise, this is not your average dog walk.
Train & Walk
Sit & Stay - Training SleepoversSit & Stay - Training Sleepovers
Not your average pet sitter, a professional dog trainer will spend the night at your home while you’re away and continue to follow and practice your dog’s training and management program.
Sit & Stay - Training Sleepovers
Family Dog Baby Prep ConsultationsFamily Dog Baby Prep Consultations
Preparing ahead decreases stress and increases success. Help your dog adjust to life with a new baby.
Family Dog Baby Prep Consultations
Dogs & ToddlersDogs & Toddlers
Virtual on-line live webinar: Helping Families with Dogs and Toddler Age Children Create Safety and Harmony at Home
Dogs & Toddlers
Group TrainingGroup Training
We currently teach group daytime dog training classes at Sandy Meadow Farm Dog Obedience School in Westfield, MA.
Group Training
Seminars & WorkshopsSeminars & Workshops
We offer a variety of 1 to 3 hour seminars for small to large groups.
Seminars & Workshops