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Preparing ahead decreases stress and increases success. Help your dog adjust to life with a new baby.

With the exception of Virtual Consults and Lessons, fees are based on travel distance from our office in Westfield. We accept cash, check, or credit card.

Dogs & Storks Group Presentations

$50.00 covers registration for the 2 hour presentation and PDF Dogs & Storks training handouts.

Family Dog Baby Prep Consultations – 2 hours

Combines information from the Dogs & Storks group workshop with a private behavior consultation on your own dog.  Includes dog and baby preparation folder and behavior and training handouts specific to your dog’s needs. This service is exclusively provided by Jill Haley Rose, CDBC, CTC, CPDT-KA.

0 – 10 miles - $230
11 – 20 miles - $270

Register for the next live group presentation by emailing us at

Preparing families with dogs for life with baby.

Having a baby is a life changing experience for everyone involved, including the family dog. If your dog has never spent significant time around babies, toddlers or young children, don’t wait until your baby comes home to discover potential problems. Preparing ahead will decrease stress and increase success!

Questions to consider:

  • How will your dog react to the sight and sounds of an infant wiggling and crying?
  • Does your dog have areas of his body he is sensitive towards being touched?
  • Has your dog ever exhibited possessive or guarding behaviors around food, bones, toys or sleeping locations?
  • Does your dog exhibit demanding behaviors such as barking for attention or climbing and pushing into you for petting?
  • Does your dog shadow you from room to room and become anxious when separated?
  • Has your dog exhibited any type of aggressive behaviors?
  • How does your dog react to visitors coming and going from your home?
  • Has your dog ever had any formal basic manners training?

These are just some of the things to consider when a new baby is on the way. Dogs and Storks is the first national program that prepares families with dogs for life with a new baby. Jill Haley Rose is the only Licensed Dogs & Storks Presenter for the Greater Springfield area and surrounding communities.

Next Dogs & Storks Live Group Presentation:
December 11th @ 2:00 pm

Paws of Nature will be re-starting the live group workshops. This is based on the current trajectory of decreasing Covid numbers. If Covid numbers start to increase again, we will be switching the live presentation to an online format using the Zoom platform.

This presentation covers:

  • preparing your dog before the baby arrives
  • introducing your dog after the baby arrives
  • reading your dog’s body language & recognizing signs of stress
  • keeping everybody safe

Registration fee is $50.00 and includes Dogs & Storks training PDF handouts. To register contact us via email at Private consultations are also available.

Family Dog Baby Prep - Private Consultations

This 2 hour session combines information from our group workshop on preparing your dog before and after the baby arrives, as well as a professional evaluation and consultation on your own dog.

We will make training and management recommendations that pertain to the specific needs of your own dog, family, and home environment. Includes a Dogs and Storks informational booklet and detailed handouts.

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