Damiana Gonzalez

Damiana has been working full time for Paws of Nature since July of 2020. In October of 2021 Damiana earned her credentials as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

Damiana has over a decade of  professional experience in the animal care field. Her background includes working at various doggy day care facilities in Washington DC, later taking a position at the Washington Humane Society (now called Humane Rescue Alliance) in 2009.

In 2010 she relocated back to her home base in Western MA and was hired by Dakin Humane Society as an Adoption Counselor. Some of her many responsibilities included assisting the behavior department in canine behavior evaluations, working with fearful and sometimes aggressive animals, counseling clients in finding the right animal for their family and lifestyle, and providing daily care for a wide variety of animal species. Damiana eventually moved into the veterinary department and took a position as an Animal Care Specialist, working alongside and assisting the shelter veterinarians. Her responsibilities there included vaccinating animals, drawing blood, giving medications, bandage and wound care, monitoring sick animals, and post-surgical care.

In 2015 Damiana relocated to Colorado where she took on a position as an Assistant Veterinary Technician at a large canine resort facility. Damiana also worked in the resort’s doggy day care areas and was in charge of setting up and monitoring the appropriate play groups for the day care and boarding dogs. She also assisted the resort’s dog trainer when he needed an extra hand.

In 2017 Damiana eventually took on a part time position as an Animal Care Provider for the Humane Society of South Platte Valley and a full time position as an Assistant Veterinary Technician for a local Veterinary Clinic. In addition to all that, she started her own Pet Sitting business, Scruff Club Dog Sitting.

Missing her family, Damiana decided to return once again to her beloved home base of Western MA. in 2020. Shortly after relocating back to Western, MA. she joined the team at Paws of Nature.

Damiana shares her home with 6 dogs, 3 cats, 2 rats, and a rabbit, as well as a revolving door of foster animals with various behavioral and medical needs.

E-mail Damiana or call 413-642-5442 to discuss how Paws of Nature Dog & Cat Behavior & Training Services can help you and your pet grow better, together.

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