Our Feline Questionnaire has 41 questions. In order for us to decide the best approach for your cat, we need to know many details about your cat. Some questions may not be applicable or you may not know the answer. Please type N/A or Don’t know for those questions. 

Please note that the form does not allow you to save it and come back to it later.

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1. Where did you get your cat? At what age? *
2. If you adopted, do you have any background information on the cat? *
3. Is your cat allowed outdoors?  If yes, is he free roam, supervised, leashed or contained? *
4. When was your cat last vaccinated for Rabies? Distemper (FVRCP)? Other Vaccines?*
5. Any current medical problems? *
6. Currently on any medication? *
7. Any past medical problems? *
8. Any injuries in the past that needed urgent medical attention? *
9. What kind of food do you currently feed your cat? *
10. How many times a day do you feed your Cat? *
11. Where is the food bowl located in your house?
12. Describe how your cat acts towards new people coming into your home. How long does it take your cat to come out to see a new person?
13. Are there people outside of immediate family members that the cat likes or will come out to see? If yes, please describe. *
14. Is there a certain type of stranger that your cat is uncomfortable with? Describe. *
15. How does your Cat act around children? Does age of child matter? *
16. Describe what causes your cat to hiss, growl or swat. *
17. Has your Cat ever snapped at or bitten someone? How many people? If yes, please give details of incidents in question 18. *
18. Describe person or persons who were bitten and what they were doing when bitten. Start with the earliest incident, approximate date, to the most recent incident. List all bites including snaps that did not make skin contact as well as bites that did not do any damage. List where on body they were bitten and description of bite wounds.
19. Did anyone seek medical treatment? *
20. Did any incident get reported to your town Animal Control Officer? *
21. Is there any area of your cat’s body that he acts sensitive about being touched by you or anyone else? Describe. *
22. Any major change within the household or household routines since acquiring cat? *
23. What type of litter box do you have? Covered or uncovered? How many boxes? Location of boxes? Type of litter used?*
24. On a scale of 0 to 100% reliable in the home, what % would you rank your cat’s litter box use? If less than 99% how many accidents in the past week? Locations of accidents?*
24A. What do you use to clean the accidents? *
25. Does your cat do any of the following pushy or attention seeking behaviors? Check all that apply. *
26. How long will the attention seeking behavior last? *
27. Have you tried to curtail excessive meowing or attention seeking? What methods have you tried? *
28. Does your cat destroy things while you are home? How have you dealt with this? *
29. Describe how your cat acts with the other animals in your home. *
30. Describe how your cat acts when he sees or hears other animals while he is inside the house? *
31. How have you dealt with this?
32. Any Cat fights? If yes, please list in order from the oldest incident to the most recent by approximate date. Describe where the incident took place and who was involved.Describe how each situation was handled and list any bite injuries. *
33. Did any animal involved in a fight need veterinary treatment afterwards? *
34. Is your Cat sensitive to sounds? Describe. *
35. How does your Cat act at the veterinarian’s office? *
36. Has the vet ever needed to muzzle or sedate your cat? *
37. Please list any other behavioral problems that have not already been listed that you need to discuss and give as many details as possible. *
38. Describe how you or others play and interact with your Cat. Check all that apply. *
39. How would you best describe your Cat's personality and temperament? *
40. Name 5 things you love about your cat. *
41. If your cat could speak and understand English, and I asked him what are his five favorite things to do, how would he answer me? *


Congratulations! You did it! You have completed the first step towards a better relationship with your cat. Thank you for submitting the feline questionnaire and requesting an appointment. We will get back to you soon to set up an appointment day and time.

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