Jill Haley Rose, CTC, CPDT-KA

Jill Haley Rose, CTC, CPDT-KA, has the experience to help you and your dog grow better, together.

Jill Haley Rose, a nationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer, has been working as a full time professional dog trainer and behavior consultant for the past sixteen years. Jill is a graduate of the Academy for Dog Trainers out of the San Francisco SPCA where she also completed an internship on dog to dog aggression, with honors. She is a professional member of the Association for Professional Dog Trainers, a licensed Dogs & Storks presenter through Family Paws Parent Education, and a regular guest dog training expert for the local morning TV show Mass Appeal.

She ran her own dog training and behavior consulting business, Paws of Nature, in San Francisco, CA and most recently out of Westfield, MA and has worked with thousands of clients doing private instruction and in-home behavioral consultations. From 2010 to 2015 she was the Training Programs Coordinator and canine behavior specialist for the Dakin Humane Society in Springfield, MA. Jill was in charge of designing, organizing, and running Dakin’s dog training classes and behavior workshops held in three locations in Western, MA. She also has done temperament and behavior evaluations on thousands of dogs for Dakin Humane Society, worked with countless adopters post adoption to resolve behavioral challenges, and has instructed hundreds of group dog training classes and workshops for Dakin Humane Society. Jill is currently also working as a group class instructor for Sandy Meadow Farm in Westfield, MA.

Jill continues to expand her expertise in training & behavior by participating in educational seminars and workshops held throughout the United States by recognized leaders in the animal training and behavior field. Jill will be working towards attaining her 3rd dog training certification in 2019.

E-mail Jill or call 413-642-5442 to discuss how Paws of Nature Family Dog Training & Behavior Consulting can help you and your dog grow better, together.

Ashley Loehn, CPDT-KA

Ashley Loehn working with "Muddy"

Ashley was hired full time as a Dog & Cat Handling Specialist for Paws of Nature Family Dog Training in January 2018 and moved into the position as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer after earning her CPDT-KA designation in April 2019. Ashley had been working as a full time apprentice with Jill Haley Rose and has accrued hundreds of hours training many different breeds of dogs with various behavioral and training needs.

Ashley Loehn has been involved in the animal care and welfare field for most of her life. Ashley started in a volunteer animal care position for the Dakin
Humane Society in Springfield, MA and eventually took a staff position as an
Adoption Counselor. Some of her many responsibilities included; assisting
the behavior department in canine and feline behavior evaluations, working with fearful and sometimes aggressive animals, counseling clients in finding the right animal for their family and lifestyle, assisting with medical needs and
care for a wide variety of animal species, and counseling clients who may need
to surrender their animal due to a financial or personal hardship. After 8
years on the job, Ashley assumed the role as a senior Adoption Counselor and
was in charge of training all new adoption counselors into the position at
Dakin Humane Society.

Ashley’s other interests include horsemanship. She has worked with therapeutic riding horses, enabling people of all ages and abilities to experience the life changing friendship of an animal relationship.