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Service Summary

New kitten or adopting an older kitty? We can help you with litter box issues, aggression, fearful behaviors, and more!

With the exception of Virtual Consults and Lessons, fees are based on travel distance from our office in Westfield. We accept cash, check, or credit card.

Anything over 20 miles will be on a case by case basis, and will be prorated based on distance and time.

Cat Behavior Consult - 1 hour 40 minutes

0 – 10 miles - $160
11 – 20 miles - $180

1 hour follow up sessions

0 –  10 miles - $100
11 – 20 miles - $120

Kitten Ready

0 – 10 miles - $140
11 – 20 miles - $160

Kitten Caboodle

0 – 10 miles - $380
11 – 20 miles - $460

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Cat Behavior Consultation

A 1 hour and 40 minute long consultation on any cat behavior problem. We can help you with litter box issues, aggression, fearful behaviors, and more! Let’s work together with your cat to resolve these puzzling behaviors and create a happy and successful outcome for the whole family.

One hour follow-up lessons

More complex behavior issues will benefit from further private sessions in your home. We can make adjustments as needed to your behavior plan to keep you on a continual path for a successful outcome.

Kitten Ready!

A 1.5 hour long consultation on setting up your home to be cat friendly. Great for first time cat or kitten parents, or a refresher if it has been a long time since your last kitten. Topics covered will include: starting good litter box habits, scratching, making your home safe and fun for cats, and basic cat care.  

The Whole Kitten caboodle!
4 – 1 hour in-home sessions

In depth and hands on information for all things cat! Perfect for first time cat parents who want to be proactive with their cat’s behavior, families with children, or under socialized “tiny spirit “ kittens.  All topics from the Kitten Ready lesson will be covered. In addition, you will learn how to train your cat to be comfortable in a cat carrier, and enjoy nail trims and other grooming needs. We will also teach you about appropriate handling, different types of play styles, and even some fun tricks!

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